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Monday, 24 September 2012

Dance class on 23.9.12 (my sister breaks her ankle)

Are you bored???

Well let me give you a sum up of yesturdays dance class...

On Saturday night I had a sleepover with some friends and we didn't go to bed till 12:30a.m !!! At 8:30 on Sunday morning I received a phone call from my little 8 year old sister telling me that dancing started at 9a.m.
My sister told me to get up and that she and my dad would be around in 10 minutes to collect me, and that she had my dance clothes and dance shoes ready for me in my bag. She told me all I had to do was to be ready outside my friends door in 10 minutes.

The door bell rang and it was her and my dad standing outside in the freezing cold, I said goodbye and thanked my friends parents and ran and hopped into the car, we where on our way to dancing...

As I stood outside the ddors of dancing I could hear the music playing and my friends chatting. My sister pushed the doors open, and everyone stopped and looked, but not for long.

At 10:25 my best friend and I stopped dancing to watch the younger children aswell as tuckinginto the box of jaffa cakes she brought!!! Not long later me and friends where chatting about the next upcoming show where there was a scream of pain... It was my little sister she was on the dance floor crying with loads iof other dance pupils around her and my dance teacher lifting her off the floor.

Roughly 10 minutes later a ambulance arrived and my sister was outside on the main road with my mum and dad holding her hand and paramedics making her do exercises to her foot.

At 1pm when dancing was over my friends mum came over and said she was taking me to the hospital and that my sister had broken her ankle!!!

P.S: I hope your ankle feels better soon little sister.


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    1. Yes, she is doing great now, she is in a cast and gets priority for everything now!!!